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Our methodological and design approach is artisanal. For the development of our works, we carefully note the physical characteristics of the project site: the landscape, the materials that characterize the reference area, the light, the atmosphere.

Each project arises from the comparison of the ideas of all the components of the firm and from the integration of the specific skills of the consultants who work alongside us.



Industrial Construction Expert, has been practicing freelance since 18/02/1977 and in 2014 he founded STUDIO BAGAGLI, together with his son Luca, and consolidates the close collaboration with leading architects, engineers and geologists in the province of Pisa, with whom , under his direction, he shares highly specialized projects in the sector.

Enrolled in the Register of Industrial Experts of the Province of Pisa at no. 292 since 18.02.1977.

Registered under No. 244 in the Register of Experts of the Court of Pisa, Civil Section.

Registered under No. 34, Cat. Building, in the Register of Experts of the Court of Pisa in criminal matters.

Registered with the Ministry of Industry and the C.C.I.A.A. of Pisa in the list of auditors pursuant to Ministerial Decree 22.04.1992 for the systems referred to in art. 1 of Law 46/90.

Technical consultant and fiduciary expert of the Banca Popolare di Lajatico (PI).

Drafted various activities in the topographic, cadastral and contractual fields of high importance at national level, through assignments conferred by S.G.R., Real Estate Investment Funds, Real Estate, Industrial and Manufacturing Companies, through which I have acquired a consolidated professional experience.

Designed and directed construction works of new construction of industrial and commercial residential character, at the regional level for about mc. 200,000.

Designed and directed public works in the Municipality of, Capannoli, Ponsacco, Pontedera and others (roads, sewers, aqueduct) of varying importance.

From 1990 to 1995 Technical director of all construction sites and construction manager of all construction works carried out by important construction companies and real estate companies, among other things some of particular importance and architectural and artistic importance such as the “Palazzo degli Affari” in Ponsacco (PI).

Drafted in collaboration with some urban development plans for civil, industrial and commercial buildings designed in the Municipalities of Capannoli, Ponsacco, Peccioli, Pontedera.

Drafted urban recovery plans, urban restructuring plans and urban redevelopment in the various historic centers at the provincial and regional level, in particular in the city of Florence, including the “Palazzo Uguccioni” and the “Palazzo Bombicci” in P.zza Signoria, “Palazzo del Moro” in via Del Moro, and recently the urban redevelopment of the Ex Cinema ARISTON in Pisa, and others.

Professional training in Real Estate management at SDA Bocconi in Milan, having taken courses on “Real Estate Management”, as well as on “Real Estate Economics and Finance”.

Directly on behalf of Real Estate Companies as PROJECT MANAGER & DEVELOPMENT important operations of importance and prestige.


Surveyor and graduate in Legal Services for Business. Specialized in 2D graphic design, drafting and management of building practices, real estate appraisals and appraisals, technical and real estate consultancy, construction management of civil construction interventions and construction site management.

Main activities at the studio:

  • 2d graphic design.
  • Drafting and management of building practices.
  • Estimates and real estate appraisals.
  • Drafting of Energy Performance Certificates.
  • Plano-altimetric topographic surveys and tracing.
  • Preparation and sending of cadastral updating deeds.
  • Cadastral divisions.
  • Technical reports for notarial deeds (sale, exchange, divisions, etc.).
  • Successions complaints.
  • Preliminary drafting of sales and lease agreements.
  • Drafting of the thousandth table.
  • Technical and real estate consultancy.
  • Supervision of civil construction works and site management.