ideas laboratory

ambitious ideas but achievable

The studio deals with the design, the building practices necessary for the realization of the works and the direction of the works, up to the testing.

It works in synergy with the client and the company, acting as an interlocutor in the process of carrying out the building intervention. The scope of intervention covers the design of residential and commercial spaces.

  • 01

    Architectural design

    Every real estate project needs a professional and effective architectural design. Regardless of whether it is a small, medium or large building construction project, the role of the designer becomes essential in order to structure the work from the start.
  • 02

    Urban planning and design

    Urban planning is a discipline as old as it is fascinating, today more relevant than ever because it must give new and sustainable responses to the pressures that population growth and urbanization create on cities around the world.
  • 03

    Construction supervision

    We verify and guarantee the full coherence and conformity of the works carried out with the project contents. We ensure the economic control of spending and compliance with execution times as well as implementing all the necessary interventions so that the final result is pursued in a quality and safety regime.
  • 04

    Accounting works

    We carry out accounting and liquidation of works relating to each type of work, boasting professional experience and guaranteeing constant competence, professionalism and assistance.
  • 05

    Procurement contracts

    Over the years, Studio Bagagli has gained significant experience in the public and private procurement sector.
  • 06

    Topographic measurement

    We carry out field surveys and use the acquired data to provide the customer with a high quality product. We use mechanical, electronic total station, GPS and laser tools.
  • 07

    Cadastral practices

    We are at your side for the retrieval of data and the compilation of cadastral practices necessary for: new buildings, interventions of changes, internal changes, extensions and changes of intended use.
  • 08

    Energy certification

    The Energy Performance Certificate describes the characteristics and energy consumption of a home, whether this is a real estate unit part of a condominium or a single building. This document is required in case of transfer of ownership or lease of the property.
  • 09

    Technical appraisals

    Thanks to the experience gained in recent years, we are able to offer consultancy and services in the estimation field.
  • 10

    Project management

    We use, for each project, project management techniques with qualified professionals in order to obtain an advantage in terms of efficiency, certainty of costs and the time needed to carry out the project in progress.
  • 11

    Real estate asset management

    Real estate assets today must be managed as a company using all the tools and techniques available.
  • 12

    Public deeds advice

    The consulting services are aimed at the purchase and sale of real estate, division and succession.
  • 13

    Consulenza aste immobiliari

    Real estate auction consultancy
  • 14

    Services and external collaborations

    Geology, Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Remediation, Design of thermal, electrical and photovoltaic systems.